The Brenton Hotel | A Narrative

At the time of bidding, it was clear to RALCO Electric that logistics would play an influential factor in getting the project awarded, planning for material deliveries and scheduling installation.  Let’s be very clear: there was no room for staging of materials on-site.  To complicate matters, no on-site parking was available for contractors or personal vehicles.

3D building imaging & modeling and other trades to eliminate unforeseen conditions before installation

Once RALCO Electric was awarded the project, we started pre-plan by using 3D building imaging & modeling and other trades to eliminate unforeseen conditions before installation. The building footprint left limited room for utility installation by all trades above and below ceilings. While BIM was used for planning, Ralco Electric also utilized prefab for all the rooms and needed to coordinate with an architect, room designer, furniture installer and other trades.  Each device had a specific installation location that could not be approximated or deviated from.  Prefab allowed RALCO Electric to hold to the construction schedule in multiple areas of the building and, by doing so, didn’t impede any other trade’s performance. 

The largest hurdle was handling material deliveries.  This involved coordinating with the general contractor, other trades, and the local police department, which required police details.  All materials were delivered to an offsite storage facility.  There, they were organized and prepared for on-site delivery and distributed in large bulk orders per floor, eliminating downtime and additional labor needed to handle material logistics.  As the materials arrived, they were immediately installed as there was no room for stockpiling materials on site, especially lighting.

The project was on track to finish by the end of May 2020, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing a brief pause to reconfigure safety protocol.  The project had to be downsized to meet social distancing guidelines, but through proper communication and planning, the project was substantially completed by the beginning of August. Safety was always relevant during construction, especially with COVID-19 upon us. RALCO is glad to say there was no time lost on the project due to safety incidents or COVID-19 concerns. Time and time again, it shows that proper planning, innovative thinking and working harmoniously with all trades leads to a successful project. 

Published On: February 8, 2024

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