The Lee’s Wharf Boutique Hotel Project Overview

The Lee’s Wharf Boutique Hotel construction project in Newport, Rhode Island, was a collaborative effort between our electrical contracting team and the general contractor, Behan Bros Inc. This partnership aimed to transform an existing parking lot into a boutique hotel, blending modern amenities with a retro aesthetic. Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges that required innovative solutions and precise planning to ensure a successful outcome.

Lee’s Wharf Hotel

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project used several light fixtures from the 1970s and had unique electrical requirements and wiring systems that differed from modern lighting—integrating these fixtures into the contemporary electrical infrastructure and ensuring that the wiring met current safety codes and standards was a complex task.

The project involved using some European light fixtures that presented compatibility issues with US standards. This required creative solutions to ensure seamless integration while adhering to safety and regulatory standards. Our team successfully adapted the European light fixtures to fit US electrical boxes through research, customized components, and meticulous installation techniques.

Our company assembled and installed an Italian-imported chandelier valued at around $30,000. With minimal instructions provided, particularly for the dozens of hand-blown intricate glass pieces, the entire process demanded 56 person-hours. Despite the lack of comprehensive instructions and labeled parts, our team’s meticulous approach played a crucial role in accomplishing this Installation.

Our team adopted a proactive approach to address delays in the delivery of owner-furnished light fixtures and minimize project disruptions. We closely coordinated with the owner and suppliers, providing regular updates on delivery schedules, which allowed us to adapt our construction timeline accordingly. Simultaneously, Bluebeam was vital in designing a prefabrication plan, facilitating preplanning tasks such as precise fixture placement and electrical device layouts. This digital pre-planning saved valuable time and reduced labor needs, ensuring a streamlined and efficient installation process.

The electrical room was placed on the second floor, away from flood risks. The location of the secondary conduits and feeders presented a complex routing challenge, as they would have to pass through the parking garage and make several very tight bends. Ensuring efficient and safe installation in this location took precise coordination. By using utility lockable junction boxes and concrete-encased secondaries, our team was able to coordinate this installation effectively without disrupting the garage’s flow.

We maintained a pristine safety record with RALCO’s focus on Safety by conducting four third-party safety inspections, resulting in zero infractions. Additionally, we consistently adhered to the company’s personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, ensuring a safe working environment for all team members.


The Lee’s Wharf Hotel project in Newport, RI, was a successful collaborative effort between our electrical contracting team and Behan Bros Inc. Our ability to address these challenges creatively exemplified our commitment to innovative problem-solving and efficient project management in electrical contracting. This achievement showcases our expertise and demonstrates our ability to excel in challenging construction environments, ensuring the Lee’s Wharf Hotel stands as a shining example of electrical excellence in a historic and vibrant setting.

Published On: February 8, 2024

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