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RALCO Electric and Generator's certified/trained technicians specialize in the design, installation and service of home standby generators. We offer multiple types of generators, and the ability to design a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.

Home Standby Generators (Whole Home Generators) Sales, Installation & Service in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

In 1990 RALCO Electric and Generator created our Generator Sales and Service Department. This department serves Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Today, we have over 30 years of experience in home standby generator sales, generator instlation, and generator service. RALCO Electric and Generator provides each homeowner with a tailor-made generator solution for their property. We offer multiple brands of generators and have a dedicated sales team.


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What is a Home Standby Generator?

A Home Standby Generator provides power to your home during a power outage. It’s installed outside of your home, and operates automatically. Your home will have power again, within seconds of the outage. The generator restores power to your home whether you’re home or not. Critically, it runs without refueling, on your home’s natural gas. It powers all of your essential home items, and is safe for your electronics.


kohler generator installed in massachusetts

Protect Your Home from Power Outages

The weather in the Northeast brings risks of downed power lines due to snow fall, ice storms, hurricanes, lightning, and the infamous Nor’Easter. Power outages can lead to burst pipes, loss of lights, and spoiled food, putting your family at risk. We’ll visit your home and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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RALCO installs over 100 generators in Massachusetts and Rhode Island every year. We install all of the major brands including Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, and KOHLER.

Power outages can be extremely difficult on older adults, who may have difficulty navigating a home without lights, or may need to power important medical devices​

Approximately 3.5 million Americans are without power in any given week​

Households in the US can experience as many as five power outages annually​

Other Frequently Asked Questions for Home Standby Generators

Many want to know if they can install a home standby generator by themselves. At RALCO, we admire a ‘go-get-it-done’ attitude as much as the next contractor. But you should never underestimate the importance of hiring licensed contractors familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding home standby generator installation. Installation mistakes can lead to generator damage, the creation of a fire hazard, or simply failure to install to code.


Unfortunately, there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions for homeowners considering a home standby generator. Cost varies, and depends on a number of factors:

  • the size of the generator
  • the size of your existing electrical service
  • the location of the generator
  • gas piping requirements
  • …and other factors

A site visit is required to provide pricing for each project. This site visit is included with your FREE ESTIMATE. When you contact RALCO Electric and Generator, we’ll ask you some questions, detail our generator installation process, and provide you with a rough estimate for your project, prior to scheduling the site visit.

While spring is a popular time to install a home standby generator, that doesn’t mean it’s the best time. You must plan to have a generator installed so that it’s ready to protect your home when you need it. Hurricanes, nor’easters, snow storms, and heat waves, are just a few of the weather conditions to consider. RALCO Electric and Generator sells, installs, and maintains generators year-round.

Home Standy Generators provide a certain peace of mind, providing power for your essentials whenever you lose power, at the moment you lose it. In contrast, portable generators typically only provide power for the bare essentials, and before it can do that, someone has to get it out of storage, hook it up, start it, and constantly re-fuel it. What if you’re not home when the power goes out? Who will hook up and start up the portable generator? Portable generators may be cheap and convenient, but they leave you vulnerable to power outages in ways that home standby generators do not. Critical medical devices, food stored in refrigerators and freezers, are among the many things that can be adversely affected by even brief outages. Home standby generators start up automatically when you lose power (or soon after), protecting your essentials in a way simply not possible with portable generators.

Choosing the correct generator brand isn’t as easy as you think. RALCO Electric and Generator offers multiple brands of generators, and each brand has benefits. Generators vary in size, and in space requirements, and these are important factors. Other factors include quality, maintenance requirements, ability to add accessories, and warranty, among others. The experienced team at RALCO Electric and Generator can help you make the right decision for your home. We’ll provide you with a reccommendation tailored to your specific location, based on our site audit.


Home standby generators are typically fueled by natural gas or Propane. Most people prefer to use natural gas mostly because it is what they have on their property. We have the ability to offer a generator that connects to your new or existing natural gas service, propane tank or even offer a diesel option in some cases

RALCO Electric and Generator provides customers what we call a true turnkey installation solution. Our definition of ‘turnkey’ is a proven process that includes:

  • Gathering of critical information and answering your questions
  • Visit your home and obtain critical measurements and other data
  • Properly calculate the size of generator needed
  • Provide a free estimate
  • Obtain the necessary permits
  • Install the generator & Automatic transfer switch
  • Provide the wiring and inspection
  • Provide the gas piping and inspection
  • Provide start-up of the generator by a certified generator technician.
  • We also offer preventative maintenance agreements and perform warranty work.

Yes, We make it easy by performing all of the design, electrical installation, generator commissioning and warranty processing. In addition we will hire licensed and insured plumbers and landscapers to provide you with a single point of contact for the duration of your project.

Choosing the best contractor can be difficult. Many will choose the lowest cost option, only to be disappointed. Lower cost often equates to inexperience, project delays, low quality equipment, poor service, or any number of other results. RALCO Elecric and Generator has a reputation for quality and customer service, built over 30 plus years of customer relationships. We are passionate about providing quality installations, and we’ll be available for service and warranty work after the project is completed. All of our installations are guaranteed, installed per code, and inspected to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Have a generator specialist come to your home to conduct an assessment of your needs and evaluate your site. You should have an active role in the evaluation process.


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