Solar Power & Panels

Solar Power

Solar panels are a strong complement (or even an alternative) to the electric grid or gas supply.

Here in Massachusetts, recently enacted green energy policies promote green buildings and green communities, and make grants and subsidies to commercial and municipal projects.

Residential alternative power installations are also eligible for energy grants, and owners of solar-generated power can sell their excess electricity into the grid (net-metering) at favorable rates for installations of up to 2 megawatts.

We offer comprehensive services for the installation of alternative power solutions, including sales, installation, and maintenance of solar panels.

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The State of Massachusetts has established several solar-related incentive programs available to businesses and homeowners alike. The Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program provides rebates based on the size and other characteristics of the project. We assist each of our clients in applying for such rebates.

The sun’s energy is collected through a number of technologies: passive solar and solar thermal to heat air and hot water, and photovoltaics to generate electricity.

Passive Solar

Passive solar design refers to the absorption of sunlight through south-facing windows, using dark-colored, dense material.

Solar Thermal

Active solar thermal systems collect solar radiation to heat air and/or water for commercial, industrial or residential use. A pump in a solar hot water collector circulates the water which is warmed up and used to provide heat or hot water to the building. =

Solar Voltaic

A solar photovoltaic module is an array of cells containing semiconductor materials that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. Installations that include a solar PV system connected to the power grid will feed any excess electricity it produces into the grid and credited on your electricity account. Over the last 10 years, the installed cost of solar PV has dropped 30%. =


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